Gone are the days when ‘green fashion’ was just a marketing label.
Today, sustainability is a concept that must be applied to the entire production chain.
Progress has been made, but the road ahead is still long and full of pitfalls.
Some large companies have understood that the environmental issue is essential.
They have therefore reviewed their production methods by completely reinventing their raw materials, which are inspired by nature.
The Greens initiatives are multiplying and are not failing to make themselves known.
In December 2020 LVMH unveiled its new LIFE 360 programme during its Climate Week. But also Chanel and its sustainable bonds, Hermès patron of the sustainable development and ecological transition chair at Sciences Po, Burberry and its green labelling allowing us to know the environmental impact of the product…

A carefully thought-out communication strategy for the new eco-conscious generation that is taking place and sustainability becoming an important purchasing criterion.

Sustainability is not a trend, nor even a choice, it is life, ours today and tomorrow.

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