VII Carats opens its doors to luxury mixed with ecology!
Luxury what?
Yes, you read that right, ecological luxury.
Many people think that luxury and ecology are difficult to reconcile.
This is the challenge of VII Carats, to prove that sustainable luxury is possible.
Luxury is perceived as a world of excess and prestige. But it is also a synonym for excellence, and must therefore prove exemplary quality to the consumer.
By using high quality products from short circuits for starred restaurateurs, by being attached to Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) programmes for jewellers, and by having set up systems or programmes to reduce or produce the energy consumption of palaces, etc.
Consumers who are concerned about the environment will therefore turn to consuming less but consuming better.
This is why VII Carats is coming into play to help and offer all the necessary support to luxury brands, fashion, jewellery, hotels and events.
To promote their actions in favour of the environment in order to change the way people look at and doubt the great industry: luxury.

“Luxury only excels when it protects”

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